Scope after MLT


Medical technologists are professionals who work in the hospital laboratory, performing a wide range of tests. Doctors make many of their decisions about diagnosis and treatment of disease based on laboratory test results.

As the medical field continues to grow each day, the need for qualified medical laboratory technicians has begun to rise. The placement rate for graduated of medical technician courses is quite high and many students can find immediate employment in public health laboratories, diagnostic labs, hospitals, quality control labs, medical clinics, private corporations, government institutions and universities. Students can also find suitable jobs in research labs, specimen collection centers and veterinary labs. There is solid future with scope for further growth for those choosing a career as a medical laboratory technician.


Job opportunities

Medical Lab Technologists mainly work in medical labs, labs for fundamental scientific research, institutions for practical R&D, government services, medical services or services of industrial medicine, and research, development and check labs of industry. Within this line of work, you can take up a wide range of activities. You have the required skills and the legal qualifications to work as a medical lab technologist in medical labs. In other words, you can conduct activities supporting medical diagnosis and follow-up of the progress of an illness and therapy. These activities involve sample taking, lab analyses, functional tests and technical activities with in vivo supply (e.g. you measure and assess the parameters of different biological functions, you use lab equipment to observe function systems).You can work in these departments:

  • The clinical chemistry department (determination of enzymes, hormones, antibodies…).
  • The haematology department (determination of blood types,
    coagulation mechanisms etc.).
  • The microbiology department (identification of pathogenic germs as
    viruses and bacteria).

You can also start your career as an assistant in research and check-up labs of pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, where you conduct analytical, biochemical, clinical, microbiological, haematological, immunological and histological analyses on substances originating from humans, plants, animals or micro-organisms. You can also work in research programmes for the development of new lab techniques, products and applications in medicine. There are jobs for you in quality services in the pharmaceutical industry, in recognized clinical labs, the food industry etc. As a technical-commercial assistant, you can be in sales and distribution, technical marketing and services for biomedical lab diagnostics and equipment, of pharmaceutical articles and medical equipment. Finally, you can work in secondary and higher education. Depending on your experience, personal qualities and efforts, you can become a chief lab technologist, project leader or quality control officer.