Every college and institute is taking strict measure to prevent this menace. Instructions have been issued to protect the freshers from ragging and not to accept it in any form. They are not to compromise their self esteem. If such an adverse situation arises they must inform the authorities. There are anti-ragging committees, anti-ragging squads and wardens to take notice and strict action. If a fresher is not satisfied with the measures taken at the institute level even an FIR can be lodged with the police station of that area. The complaint can be written or oral and there are instructions to concerned authorities to treat it as confidential. This information is included in prospectus and displayed in form of notices at prominent places. Seniors are warned of consequences like getting expelled and a possibility of imprisonment also.



The Honb'le Supreme Court has focused to tackle the problem of ragging by the following measures:

  • Primary responsibility for curbing ragging rests with academic institutions themselves .
  • Ragging adversely impacts the standards of higher education.
  • Incentives must be available to the institution for curbing the menace and there should be disincentives for failure to do so.
  • Enrolment in academic pursuits or a campus life should not immunize any adult citizen from penal provisions of the laws of the land.
  • Ragging needs to be perceived as a failure to inculcate human values from the schooling stage.
  • Behavioral pat terns among students, particularly potential raggers need to be identified.
  • Measures against ragging must deter its recurrence
  • A concerted action is required at the level of the school, higher educational institution, district administration, university, state and central governments.
  • Media and civil society should be involved in this exercise.



The committee constituted under Dr. R. K. Raghavan, former Director (CBI) to give suggestions for prevention of ragging in educational institutions of the country.

  • Act which violates the dignity of the student or is perceived to violate his/her dignity should also be considered as ragging.
  • Sensitization programme involving parents, students, teachers, media should be formulated and implemented.
  • For prevention of ragging, a tiered structure should be there, where senior students should be made responsible for a group of freshers particularly in hostels should report to teachers/ warden who will report to the Dean or Head of institution.
  • Helplines should be offered
  • Victim may lodge an FIR
  • Terms of punishment has been as follows:
       Categories of ragging and punishment
       Verbal Ragging: When senior causes mental harassment, discomfort for the junior by forcing him/her to answer unacceptable/personal quest ions, dance, dance, sign, etc. is said to rag the junior. It also includes within its ambit cyber ragging.
       Punishment: 1 year imprisonment or fine or
       Severe Verbal Ragging: Where the mental harassment, discomfort is to such an act as forces the junior to withdraw from the college
       Punishment: 7 year imprisonment with fine.
       Physical: Any act by the senior towards the junior which inflicts bodily injury on the junior. Like beating the junior, hitting him/her with objects etc.
       Punishment : Punishment : 7 year imprisonment with fine.
       Sexual Ragging: where the senior asks the junior to do an act which damages sexual dignity of the junior.
       Punishment: 7 year rigorous imprisonment and fine.
  • Ragging Evidence: Act of ragging witnessed by teacher, non-teaching staff or administrative staff to be treated as final.
  • The institution must be an active party to lodge an FIR.



When a fresher feels distressed or harassed, he/she should :

  • Shout, raise alarm and attract attention of the people around
  • Move in a group
  • Just make a call to any of the helpline numbers
  • Give call or contact in person the Convenor or any member of the Anti -Ragging Committee
  • Meet any of the members of the Anti Ragging Squad

Freshers just need to be confident and they should have a friendly attitude , they are the ones who eventually benefit if they make cordial relations with the seniors as the seniors can help them in a lot of ways .



  • An anti ragging committee constituting of staff members, student representatives, a doctor, representative from local police station is appointed to take necessary measures to prevent ragging in the campus.
  • Helpline numbers are displayed prominently in the campus.
  • Regular visits to the hostel by the staff members.
  • Creating a congenial atmosphere in the campus.